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About Team Wild Wings

Team Wild Wings was founded in 1998 by Cody Bellanger in Lafitte, Louisiana on a concept of bringing people together that share the passion for waterfowl hunting and Labrador Retrievers. His ultimate goal was to create a better relationship between dogs and their handlers, thus creating a team element.

After training a Black Labrador named Jade, Cody decided to find out why she had such a great composure and immense drive in the field. Cody learned that Jade was an imported British Labrador and gathered all the information he could on this special line. It wasn't long before Cody made the decision that Team Wild Wings would specialize in British Labradors for their breedings. While Team Wild Wings invites all lines of retrievers for training, we specialize in British for our breedings. It is our belief that we can take any dog that has the drive and will to please and make it into a top notch gun dog for the owner.

Our British Labrador puppies are bred to have a calm nature but a serious drive in the field. Our puppy operation is unique in that we raise our puppies indoors so that they are not exposed to harsh elements and so they learn to be pets who can live inside the home at an early age. Our team of trainers works with our group of puppies from birth until their owner comes to pick them up. We start training at four weeks of age so that by eight weeks they have already begun the lessons they need to become great retrievers in the field and loving pets at home.

To simplify the purchase of our training process, we offer full service packages for started and finished dogs. Our ultimate goal is to bring your pup to a finished gun dog level so they will be ready for the field when you pick them up.

Our overall mission is to educate the handler even more than we educate the dog. We want you to better understand how to work with your dog as a team. Whether you get a puppy from us, we train your dog, or even if we can offer advice on training, we consider you a part of Team Wild Wings.

If you are looking for best operation for Labrador Retrievers Louisiana has to offer please consider Team Wild Wings.

Cody Bellanger

Cody Bellanger - About Us

CEO / Founder
Certified Service Dog Trainer
Head Trainer for Gundogs and Service Dogs

Cody started Team Wild Wings in 1998 as a 13-year-old boy with a passion for Labradors and Waterfowl. He trained gundogs all through high school and into college. Upon graduating the University of New Orleans with a Business Management Degree in 2008 he pursued training dogs full time as a career. In 2012 dog training got put on the back burner and he took a position as an Analyst with an accounting firm in the city of New Orleans. During the next 3 years he worked in accounting and trained dogs in the evenings and weekends.

In 2015 he decided to go back to his passion and started training once again full time. This time he was going to expand into not only gundogs but service dogs as well. In the summer of 2016 Cody attended Bergin University of Canine Studies to get his certification in Service Dog training. This knowledge has allowed him to develop the breeding and training program that is being used today at Team Wild Wings.

Cody heads all accounting, marketing, financial and business needs of Team Wild Wings. He is also the Head Gundog Trainer and Service Dog Trainer and the founder of a Not for Profit called “Southern Diabetic Retrievers” that helps children with Type 1 diabetes get Diabetic alert dogs free of charge to their families.

Jared Serigné

Jared Serigné - About Us

Marketing Director / Social Media Manager

After graduating from the University of New Orleans with a BA in Filmmaking and Communications, Jared began his career as a freelance videographer. It wasn't long before he realized he could combine his passion for the outdoors with his skills in media and marketing. He carved out a niche for making web videos, TV shows, and other media projects in the hunting and fishing industry. A self proclaimed dog lover, Jared leads the way on presenting the Team Wild Wings brand to the rest of the world. He is also Gypsy's dad and looks forward to sharing many days in the blind with his little girl.

Ronda Bellanger

Ronda Bellanger - About Us

Breeding Manager / Puppy Development

Ronda has been involved with Team Wild Wings from the beginning. Being the mother of Cody she has followed and assisted him in the growth of this business from the ground up. She now manages the puppy development program as well as the breeding stock. She whelps all of the litters in her home to ensure they receive the best care from the start.

Kaylyn Stravinsky

Kaylyn Stravinsky  - About Us

Assistant Trainer / Transition Trainer for Diabetic Alert Dogs

Kaylyn joined the Team in the summer of 2016 as a puppy trainer and assistant trainer. She also aids in the training of the Diabetic alert dogs; she transitions them into life with a Type 1 Diabetic.

Kelly Helms

Kelly Helms - About Us

Intern: Service Dog Program

Kelley Helms will be interning for Team Wild Wings in the summer of 2017. She is currently Attending Bergin University of canine studies to achieve a bachelor of science in canine studies. her interest in training dogs came from watching her father's experience with type 1 diabetes. in the future, she hopes to continue to train service dogs to assist those who struggle with the difficulties that life has given them.