Welcome to where it all begins…

We would like to welcome you to our puppy page. Our puppies are raised completely 100% percent indoors. There are a lot of other kennels that claim their puppies are raised around kids, in the house etc., however this to them could mean that they are brought in the house on occasion by one of their children or themselves. That is not the case at Team Wild Wings. All of our litters are born in the home and raised in the home until they go to your home. We only have one breeding on the ground at a time to insure that we are giving 100% commitment to each puppy’s neurological development. Each of our puppies are exposed to human touch and petting from day one. They are given treats from our hands from 4 weeks of age to let them know that human’s hands are a great thing. This early development for the neurological side of the puppies is critical to have a well-rounded puppy.

Our Process

Our Process - Puppies

We begin training at 4 weeks old so by the time our puppies go home they have already begun the process of learning. Each puppy is taught the beginnings of the basic commands: Sit, Down, Place, Kennel, load up, Here, and look at me. These basic skills are the building blocks that all retriever work is based on.

Each of our puppies are exposed to gunfire, water, birds, tractors, etc.… Our puppies are prepped with the proven methods from the service dog communities. This early training will help insure that your puppy is prepared for training later on in life.

Now what will you receive when you take your puppy home. Each puppy comes with a 36 month guarantee on hips, eyes and elbows. Every puppy goes home with a starter pack containing the following items:

  • Medical records
  • Cert of Pedigree
  • AKC Registration
  • DNA Clearances on both parents
  • Health Clearances on both Parents
  • Profiles on both parents
  • Training logs from the previous training done with your puppy
  • A handler’s bag
  • Acme 211 ½ British Whistle
  • Puppy bumpers
  • Tennis balls
  • A clicker
  • Treat pouch
  • A pillow to place in their crate with the scent of the litter

As you are able to see we are very different than most kennels in the U.S, in the way our puppies are raised as well as the way our clients are treated. It is important that you are fully prepared to be as successful as possible with your new puppy.